Planning for Rosebud River Valley Protection Through Conservation Easement

Save the Rosebud envisions protection of the valley for future generations. Local landowners are enthusiastic to protect their parcels of land within the valley through a conservation easement. In order to fully protect sensitive habitats and environmentally significant areas within the watershed, a future purchase of the land proposed for this motorsports development is imperative. The community will repeat their offer to purchase all lands equitably from the proponent at agricultural fair market value.

We will encourage collaboration between the Province, planning regions, Kneehill County, Wheatland County, and landowners in the valley to conserve sensitive habitats through the establishment of a conservation land easement.  A land trust has expressed interest to participate in this collaboration. Following that agreement, we can consider plans involving ecotourism and other low-impact activities to protect this provincial treasure of Alberta’s grasslands.

Stop the development of the Badlands Motorsports Resort

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